Finalising creation of a new vApp and starting a VM 

vApp VM final

17) Check the summary again and then close the dialog window by clicking the Finish button.

vapp vm creation process

18) You are now back in the vApps overview screen and can also check the configuration status of the vApp that you have just created.

19) Details of a vApp can be called up by clicking on the name of the marked vApp as soon as configuration has been completed.

Power on VM

20) To load a CD/DVD or display details, mark the relevant VM and right-click on it. If you did not use a template, you must put an ISO medium (virtual CD/DVD) and operating system in the VM. This is done by clicking on Insert CD/DVD from Catalog... in the context menu and then selecting the relevant ISO file.

21) Here's how to start the newly-created VM:

21.1) Once you have made all the necessary settings, click the Power On and Force Recustomization option in the context menu. This starts the VM and runs sysprep.You can first set the password as desired or keep using the automatically generated one. To set a new password, follow the instructions described in chapter 8.2 Finding and customising VM login data.

21.2) Sysprep will not run if you start the VM via the Start symbol.

22) Click on the screen to start the remote console. If you have not installed the VMware remote console plugin yet, this is downloaded automatically and can then be installed.

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